The new european companies established in base of
The Council Regulation (EC) no. 2157/2001
Link http://eur-lex.europa.eu/

Our law office informs these legal developments and therefore new legal services that we offer:

Establishment of European society through the merger of two companies based in two different states of the EU.
Link http://www.onrc.ro/documente/ghid/5.pdf;
Cross-border merger of two companies belonging to the two member states.
Link http://www.onrc.ro/documente/ghid/39.pdf
Establishing the European Holding Company.
Link http://www.onrc.ro/documente/ghid/6.pdf
Move head office from an EU country in another Member State.
Link http://www.onrc.ro/documente/ghid/24.pdf
Joint Venture company in the EU
Link http://www.onrc.ro/documente/ghid/21.pdf
Establishment of a European Company Branch in another EU
Link http://www.onrc.ro/documente/ghid/13.pdf